Doe het veilig


Time to go back to school. The perfect moment for ‘Veilig Verkeer Nederland’ to point out that a lot of kids will be back on their bikes. While Coop’s main focus will be the students. Create a campaign in which we communicate both messages.

Coop is not just a supermarket, they are an important player in their neighborhood. This is why they want to help making the streets save for everybody.


When youngsters go to high school for the first time, they’re mostly busy with other stuff rather than traffic. Making friends, flirting…


Young minded and funny ads in which we tell students they have to ‘be safe’. Youngsters will only understand that the ads are about safe bike riding when they see the illustrations and read the call-to-action. We use their language so that they feel addressed


We will advertise in the neighbourhood of Coop stores that have a high school nearby. This way the target group will be confronted in relevant situations. The ads will also be shown instore, this is more for the parents. Next to that we will target the youngsters on social because social is the place to be!

Project Details

Date: 27 augustus 2018

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