Mobiel Aftikken, altijd easy!


Come up with a slogan, strategy and mobile campaign for contactless payment.


‘Mobiel aftikken, altijd easy.’
This campaign is all about the ease of contactless payments, at every moment. It makes sure that you can pay contactless while staying in the flow of what you are doing.


When you’re working out and u just want to score a soda. When you’re hanging out on a rooftop with your friends, dancing in a club or just enjoying yourself.
A contactless payment always makes it easy, in one movement. You only need your phone.


We only show the action of paying contactless, in one movement. We film through the camera of a phone. At the end of the video we close with a shot that gives you more insight in the situation.


Concept : Eva & Marleen
CD : Peter Scholtens
Agency : Eigen Fabrikaat

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